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The idea behind opening an Anasheed (Islamic Songs) website started in 1995. The idea was to promote the Islamic alternative and provide the young internet users of the world with Anasheed (songs) from different artists and groups that would not be available in their region.

Time past by, but the idea did not pass the minds of some faithful Muslims. All praise be to Allah, this project was acted upon on January 3, 1999 - the domain was bought and slowly after that circumstances led to the project to be once again halted.

Today we are grateful that the project is almost compelete. We thank you for your generous contributions, and wish you a marvellous stay.

Our Vision is to introduce the Islamic alternatives of Music or Chanting to the Muslims around the world.

Some visitors might disagree with the content, we would like to inform all of our visitors, that we are not responsible for the accuracy of the songs, or the copyright. We are a non-for-profit website, we are not selling these tapes on Digital formats, by visiting our site, you agree not to copy or produce these songs in any way or format.

We hope that God accepts this work, and we ask you to pray for us.